Greetings!  My name is Katie.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

Shawl stories is something that has been years in the making, unexpectedly of course.  When I received a beloved shawl as a gift from a dear friend of mine over 3 years ago, I had no idea how vital it would become to me and my travels.  We’ve been through a lot together, and our stories on the road are the heart of this blog.

Perhaps that is why I never quite feel alone when I’m traversing new and old places on my own. There really is a difference between being lonely and being alone, isn’t there, and I have to admit that I rarely find myself feeling lonely.  As cheesy as it sounds, my shawl is always with me, wherever I go, and with it, carries the memories of the places I’ve been and people I’ve met.  This gives me great comfort in times of despair and difficulty as well as those times I find myself in a foreign land, sleeping alone in unknown beds and wandering amidst unexplored territory.

For me, my shawl is a metaphor for many things, and that too, will be revealed as the stories progress.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy reminiscing and writing about them.

In the words of Leslie Marmon Silko, one of my favorite poets:

 “You don’t have anything if you don’t have the stories.”

We are all living stories.  Each breath, another sentence, another chance, another lesson, another gift, another memory.  Share your stories and keep the memory of your journey alive.